Increase the speed and efficiency of your hiring process with our SMS / Text recruitment templates!

Though hiring seems to be a simple process, it can be quite time confusing and full of challenges. One of the biggest challenge is to reach out to the job seeker and connect with them for the available openings. Today, there are numerous ways of reaching out to a candidate, right from phone call to email. But, not all the methods receive quick response and favourable results. Emails can simply keep piling up in the inbox and it can be weeks before an email is read while multiple phone calls can be annoying, especially during work hours. This makes text messages / SMS one of the most efficient ways of approaching prospects with job openings.

Considering the above, HireWho is equipped with a SMS facility to speed up hiring, increase engagement and give recruiters, the much-needed peace of mind. Wondering how? Well, check out our list of impressive features related to text/ SMS:

  • Build Templates: Recruiters can create SMS templates for different scenarios based on their recruitment plan. These templates can be used for multiple applicants, thus saving time and energy of the recruiter. Pre-created templates also reduces the chances of typo errors or grammatical mistakes in the text content.
  • One-to-one outreach or Mass texts: Recruiters can use the SMS/Text facility to outreach in bulk or connect with a particular candidate on a one-to-one basis.
  • Job Alerts: If an applicant subscribes to the SMS alerts, they can receive new openings via SMS alerts on their mobile phone. Applicant can choose the frequency of receiving these emails.
  • Text to Apply: With our text to apply feature, it is possible for the applicant to complete the application procedure via text message. They can also complete the screening questions via the text message.

Did you know that it is possible to connect with 4X more candidates in 5X faster pace with a text compared to an email? Also, candidates are more likely to respond to text in comparison to a phone call or email.  Connecting with candidates over email or phone can be a tedious task; here are few reasons why SMS is one of the smartest ways to approach candidates and speed up recruiting:

  • Automation:  The SMS/Text template feature brings automation to the recruitment process. Pre-defined templates ensure that you can outreach to bulk candidates in a very less time. 
  • Record: When the recruitment process is taken forward over text, it makes the communication trackable and everything is available on record. This reduces confusion and miscommunication between recruiter and applicant.
  • Privacy:  As the candidate can check and respond to the SMS whenever and wherever they are, it respects their privacy and improves response time.
  • Unintrusive: SMS is an unintrusive yet effective way of connecting with candidates on a personal level. Right from sharing the job requirements to notifying the application updates, everything can be communicated over text without intrusion in the person’s day.

SMS / Text templates, and using SMS for connecting with candidates is a great tool to improve the productivity of our recruiters. 

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