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On average, a hiring manager spends 6 hours browsing through tons of applicant before each applicant is hired. HireWho helps you reduce this time by up to 80%.

On a mission to simplify hiring

Running a cleaning company isn’t as easy as it seems. While there is a constant need for cleaning services, having available cleaning staff isn’t as constant. In fact, the cleaning industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates with a usual average of 200%.

Most cleaning staff stay an average of three months, and companies find themselves constantly looking for a stream of new hires. Indeed, finding good staff and motivating them to stay is a big challenge for most cleaning companies.

Despite the dismal statistics, it is possible to decrease employee turnover and have a steady stream of cleaning staff. By leveraging technology, you can enhance your recruitment process. Solve your hiring woes with HireWho, a flexible platform utilizing a customizable Applicant Tracking System.

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Max B. of Max Out Creative

It’s a “set and forget” system.

HireWho simplifies the employment ad process to the point where it could literally be “set and forget.” It’s amazing. It’s smart 💡. It’s built for today’s busy world. I strongly recommend it to all of my clients and contacts. The integrations alone are worth the monthly fee because you get back the gift of time. Like anything worthwhile, setting it up properly will offer the best results. If you have multiple positions open in your firm, a partnership with HireWho is a must.

– Max B. of Max Out Creative
Jeff & Meaghan Likes of Jeff Likes Window Cleaning

We have found the right teammates!

We ❤️ HireWho! We hired 8 great candidates for our window cleaning company in our first 60 days of using the system. We’ve gone from 400% turnover to 20% in less than one year because they’re helping us find the right teammates the first time, and because we’re attracting better culture fits, everyone’s happier and our average length of employment is going up. HireWho has saved us tens of thousands of dollars 💵 on new hires and dozens of hours in manual screening. Thanks HireWho!

– Jeff & Meaghan Likes of Jeff Likes Window Cleaning
Paul A. of Home Plus Cleaning

We are overstaffed now!

We have been using HireWho for over 2 years now. We literally have a full pipeline of team members 👏 coming in. No longer do we have a waitlist for our cleaning service. Our new problem is getting leads to keep all our new employees busy!

– Paul A. of Home Plus Cleaning

It’s better than Pipehire!

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– Juan

The concept behind HireWho

In 2011, I started a residential and commercial cleaning business in Central Indiana. Little did I know that our main issue would be keeping our service company staffed. I quickly learned that managing multiple job boards, scheduling interviews, and conducting interviews could be a full-time job. The concept behind our software was to save other small to medium size businesses time by creating predictable hiring systems and automating as much as possible! Just like we have been doing for the past 10 years.

Dominique Williams, Founder & CEO – Dominique Williams, Founder & CEO

We can Guarantee It!

We believe in our hiring system so much that if we cannot save you at least 10 hours each month spent on recruiting. Our monthly charge is on us! It’s that simple.

If you do your part in getting HireWho setup then your investment is always protected. No Risk, No Worries!

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  • Install career site plug-in on your website
  • Link your account with Indeed
  • Set-up and use the interview self scheduling tool

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