Applicant Tracking System

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Message Center

Engage with applicants like never before

We assign a customizable hirewho email address and a phone number to each account. enabling communication via email as well as SMS messages.

According to a recent study, candidates on average respond to text messages 4x quicker than by email.


Automate Communication

And much more…

Recruiters spend most of their time communication with applicants. HireWho allows you to automated this tedious task by setting up simple yet powerful automations.

A new email or text message could get automatically sent when:

  • Applicant applies for a job
  • Applicant is moved to a specified stage
  • Applicant doesn’t qualify for a job
  • A custom tag is added to applicant profile

Custom Career Site

For example:

  1. Enage with applicants in a completely different way by having your own custom carrer site with HireWho.
  2. Get most out of career site by customizing it according to your needs. HireWho provides over half a dozen type of sections.
  3. Further customize the career site with any color of your choice. Also, select from our list of curated font families.
scheduling board

Track and Manage Applicants

HireWho at it’s core is an Applicant Tracking System

Engage with applicants the right way

Smart Calendar

Set up a calendar by specifying your availability window and invite applicant to schedule an interview with a calendar link.

Screening Questions

Create a simple form and have the applicants answer questions when the apply for a job.

Personality Test

Don’t just wonder what an applicant would be like? Know for sure with in-built personality tests that make a difference

Apply via SMS

Reach a wider audience by having candidates apply for your jobs with no internet required.

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