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Running a cleaning company isn’t as easy as it seems. While there is a constant need for cleaning services, having available cleaning staff isn’t as constant. In fact, the cleaning industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates with a usual average of 200%.

Most cleaning staff stay an average of three months, and companies find themselves constantly looking for a stream of new hires. Indeed, finding good staff and motivating them to stay is a big challenge for most cleaning companies.

Fresh Solution to Hiring Woes

Despite the dismal statistics, it is possible to decrease employee turnover and have a steady stream of cleaning staff. By leveraging technology, you can enhance your recruitment process. Solve your hiring woes with HireWho, a flexible platform utilizing a customizable Applicant Tracking System.

Attract Candidates That Match Your Company Culture

HireWho enables you to build a career site that showcases your brand identity and company culture. Potential candidates become more familiar with what your company stands for. Those who believe in your vision are likely to push through with their application. These candidates have higher chances of staying long term when hired.

Automated Screening and Tracking

Our platform also helps you go through countless applicant data faster and more efficiently. This ensures that you get the best talents before they’re snatched by your competitors. This also lessens the turnover period without sacrificing the quality of hire.

Better Candidate Experience

Applicants who have better candidate experience are more likely to refer your company to other potential applicants and even to potential clients. HireWho’s user-friendly platform enables them to submit their credentials easily and go through the hiring process seamlessly. This will undoubtedly provide them an optimal candidate experience.

Hire Better with HireWho

Don’t risk losing clients because you’re short-staffed. Invest in a recruitment software to enhance your hiring process and lower your employee turnover rate. Employees stay when they feel valued and taken care of. HireWho helps you achieve this right from the start of your hiring process.

C&C Cleaning

HireWho helps us find the right candidates while reducing the work load for our office staff.

– Dominique Williams (Founder & CEO)

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