Automate Scheduling Interviews

Make interview scheduling and rescheduling hassle-free with automated interview scheduling!

Talent acquisition is a long process; right from filtering resumes and contacting candidates to scheduling multiple rounds of interviews, there are various stages to be managed. Conducting interviews is one of the most critical parts of this hiring cycle, and losing talent at this stage can be quite frustrating for recruiters. It has been seen that candidates often drop out the interview process if the process is too slow or long. The hiring market is quite competitive and slow hiring process can result in candidates dropping out. Hence, it is important that the process of scheduling interviews is consistent and organised. This is where automation in scheduling interviews comes into picture.

HireWho offers an integrated solution for bringing automation to interview scheduling. With the innovative features of our solution, scheduling interviews becomes a breeze.

Automate Scheduling Interview Features

When recruiters schedule interviews over call, the amount of time and efforts required is more. With automation in interview scheduling, recruiters can use this time in sourcing more candidates and moving the hiring process ahead.

  • Schedule and reschedule interviews: This feature allow a recruiter to schedule and reschedule interviews using the automated system.
  • Integrate calendars: Recruiters can send calendar invite and block calendars of hiring managers and candidates for the time of interview. This feature shows open times from the candidate’s calendar so that the recruiter can schedule the interview.
  • Automated email or text reminders: Once an interview is scheduled, the system sends out automated reminders in the form of text and email to stakeholders of the interview.
  • Sync across different time zones: When hiring occurs across different time zones, scheduling interviews can be tough. Our system allows syncing different time zones, and reducing the chances of human errors.
  • Seamless integration: The system allows seamless integration of different calendar management apps to easily connect calendars of hiring manager, interviewer and candidate.
  • Bulk scheduling: It is possible to schedule multiple interviews at the same time, thus increasing the hiring speed of recruiters.

Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduling

At HireWho, we have ensured that our interview scheduling feature is a self-service tool. Here are the benefits that you need to know:

  • Automation reduces manual work, thus reducing the efforts and hassle faced by hiring managers.
  • It reduces the time required in hiring as scheduling or rescheduling interviews can be done quickly.
  • Automatic scheduling reduces no-show and last-minute dropouts from interviews, thus increasing the conversion rate and avoiding cancellations.
  • Automated interview scheduling provides empowerment to the recruiting team and allows the team to do a lot more with their time.
  • Automation brings transparency to the hiring process, helps identify and correct inefficiency and bring visibility to every aspect of the hiring process.

To learn how our software can save your organisation and recruitment efforts, talk to the experts at our organization. We will help you recruitment goals in a time sensitive and efficient manner and assist before, during and after the interview. Visit our website to know more.

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