Assessment Testing

Gauge a candidate’s competency, technical and any other specific skills with assessment testing!

Hiring is a rigorous process, and a bad hire can be really expensive in terms of time, money and efforts. So, recruiting managers work hard to develop a rigorous, objective and evidence-based process. Presence of technology enabled solutions at various stages has made this process more transparent, efficient and faster. HireWho aims to provide recruitment solutions that help drive your organization forward with the right talent from the industry. Our assessment testing solution is a favourite among recruiter.  We have developed the assessment solution by leveraging science and our experience to provide a clear picture of the candidate’s potential. Our assessments have been successful for various roles across different industries.

Understanding Assessment Testing

Assessment testing, also known as pre-employment testing,  are tests designed to evaluate the skills of prospective candidates. Tests have been a part of the recruitment process since decades, only their way and form has changed. Assessment, now-a-days, can be conducted online so candidates can complete them from any place and at any time. 

Assessment tests are of various types – right from subject based assessments to job-based assessments. The tests can be designed to test technical skills, communication skills, personality tests, industry knowledge, analytical skills and more.

At HireWho, we have custom assessment programs that can be implemented across industries of different niche and size.  Whatever you need in an assessment test, we have got you covered.

Benefits of assessment testing software

Assessment testing can help recruiters make data-driven and informed decisions. Here are the reasons why companies choose to administer a pre- employment assessment test:

  • These tests help determine the true potential and quality of the candidate.
  • The candidate is tested on different characteristic like job aptitude, analytical skills, job responsibility.
  • They can be used to determine whether a prospective candidate is the best fit for the vacant role or not. It also help hire a diverse team.
  • The assessment software can be used to create email tests or conduct tests virtually. It creates a good impression on the prospective candidates and gives them the confidence that they are joining a progressive company.
  • By conducting a comprehensive assessment test, recruiters can stay assured that they are bringing in candidates with the necessary technical skills, thus saving on training costs.
  • Analytical results of assessment tests can give a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, and make informed decisions.
  • Our assessment testing solution can easily be integrated with existing systems and processes, along with our other features. We also offer custom integrations to integrate the solution into your company processes.

Use assessment testing to gain insights into the major hiring metrics for the vacant positions in your organisation. We assure you that our solution is cohesive and engaging experience for your incoming applicants. Our expert team is always ready to help in case of any technical issues or problems you run into. To know more, talk to our experts today.

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