Advanced Automations

Transform your candidate’s journey and create an exceptional experience with advanced automations!

Automation is not the future; it is the present! Just like other industries, advanced automation has changed the recruitment industry and is definitely the way forward to ensure efficient and quick recruitment processes. Automation is already playing a pivotal role in different stages of the recruitment process, and advanced automation system has further brought AI into the processes. When we talk about advanced automation in recruitment, it is not a single feature or process; advanced recruitment is basically a set of advanced technology enabled features designed to provide a good candidate experience.

All about Advanced Automations

Advanced automation consists of ways that can make your recruitment process smarter, better and result oriented. It is used across all areas of recruitment – right from candidate sourcing to scheduling interviews and onboarding. With automation features, recruiter can create filters and triggers to help them filter prospects that fit in the open positions. With features like email automation, it is possible to create a recruitment funnel, and improve engagement with the prospects. Automation also enables scheduling emails and text messages at various stages of the funnel, and streamlining interview scheduling. 

Advanced features also include automated interview scheduling and virtual video interviews. Automated scheduling reduces recruiter intervention and speeds up the interview process. 

HireWho offers a comprehensive advanced automation system that will simply amaze the recruiters. Our advanced automation options are designed to reduce the workload of recruiters and help them focus on important work. Our system also offers analytics to give recruiters and stakeholders insights into the performance of the recruitment process. You can also use the software to generate bulk feedback surveys, as this feedback will give insights on what needs to be improved in the process.

Benefits of advanced automation

  • Advanced automation helps form a strong pipeline by integrating with different platforms.
  • Filtered search for candidates will help recruiters build a strong talent pool, and thus improve the overall quality of talent hired.
  • Advanced automation creates an outstanding recruitment experience for candidates as well as recruiters.
  • It is possible to integrate our advanced automation features with other tools and extensions.
  • Advanced automation eliminates the use of paper across recruitment process as everything is stored digitally. So, right from prospect pool to the list of prospects that converted, every bit of information is present digitally.
  • Advanced automation can also be used for advertising open positions and sourcing candidates. It allows you to publish job requirements on multiple platforms automatically.
  • Virtual assessment and interviews reduces the time and hassle experienced by the candidate in travelling to the interview location for face-to-face discussion. It has also opened geographical boundaries in recruitment as recruiters can approach candidates across different locations.

Advanced automation features aim to make end-to-end recruitment process smoother, faster and more result oriented. Different features of this software come handy at various stages of the recruitment process. Learn how advanced automation can change the way recruitment works, and how it’s characteristics can improve performance of your recruitment process.

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